Social Media Marketing Tips for best results

Social Media has become very powerful digital marketing channel for business promotion. Promoting business using social media has become easy and affordable now.

If you are a small business owner or a digital marketing executive managing social media marketing, this simple task list will help you in getting best results from social media activities.

Social Media Marketing Checklist.


Facebook is currently the “King of Social Media”. So, using Facebook for Social Media activities will give social presence to a large number of audience.

How Facebook can be used for daily activities and what is the job of Social Media Marketer job?

Find and “Like” at least 5 Pages – Liking other pages will send page admin notification and they will check your profile and may become your friend.

Comment on 2 Pages a Day – This practice will give you more visibility and others can notice your comments which will boost your audience to follow your Page.

Add Hashtags to your Posts – The advantage of hashtags will make your post appeared in trending topics. Hence, you will get more number of audience and they will follow your Posts and Pages.

2 Posts a Day related to your Product / Service – You must post every day. Having 2 posts per day will keep you visible among your circles on Facebook and will increase your engagement.

Share blog post – Sharing your Blog posts via Facebook will help deliver a steady stream of visitors to your blog. Additionally, you can ask the reader to Comment, Like and Share your posts which will increase the number of visitors on your Blog and Pages.


Twitter is believed to be the second most important social networking after Facebook. It is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, “tweets”, restricted to 140 characters. (Update: Twitter is now allowing 280 characters for some accounts)

Here is how you can use Twitter

Add # Hashtags to your Posts – Hashtags is powerful that allows you to expand your reach to more people and quite beneficial to your marketing plan. So relevance keywords for the Hashtags will help your posts appear on other groups.

3 Tweets in a Day – Make a practice of Tweeting each day. Focus on creating a regular content that’s relevant to your target audience. Keep each Tweet focused on one specific message rather than trying to communicate multiple things.

Re-Tweets – When you retweet for any individual, you are attracting that person to notice you. Retweet for a person who has not yet follow you on Twitter will possibly bring interests that person to become your follower.

Follow 10 people a Day – Start following people from your industry and RT their tweets, like their tweets. This is best practice for getting new followers.


Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Pinterest is very different from Facebook and Twitter. On Pinterest, anyone can “repin” other’s photos to one of their own boards.

Social Media Marketer should be doing following tasks on regular basis on Pinterest

Create new Pinboard every week – By creating a new Pinboard, you can pin images, bookmarking or writing down sites you find on the internet. This will lead people to follow your Pinboard which is of their interest and then tweet can be initiated.

Spend 15 minutes to Pins to your existing BoardsYou should spend 15 minutes of time in a day on optimizing your boards and pins for Pinterest search. Users can search for boards, pins and other users using Pinterest’s search bar so ranking well for your keywords can be helpful.

Follow 3-5 Pinners in a dayIt is very essential to follow other Pinners which are related to your business. So, you can use Search to find people that have created boards and pins pertaining to your topic of interest.

Encourage followers to Pin on your boards – Pinning consistently will grow your Pin views and followers, which will to get good ranking organically.

Use appropriate keywords and Hashtags – Focus on adding specific keywords to your process from your niche allowing Pinterest users to find the content they are searching for.


Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. As everyone is now internet savvy, people have started sharing their stories and life on Instagram.

Instagram has the most engaged users compared to other social media platforms. The Instagram community grew to 200 million monthly active users million users.

See how Instagram can be used daily for improving the traffic on your Blogs or posts.

Post 1 photo per day – Posting a photo every day will give engagement, shares and traffic. Keep your Goals Instagram posting frequency should be consistent with your goals.

Use of Hashtag with appropriate keywords – Hashtags help you to increase engagement on Twitter and Instagram. Along with Keywords research according to the searches happening by the audience.

Follow 10 new people – In order to reach to a large number of people through Instagram, it is essential to have many followers. So, have a habit of spending some time to search the people who are related to your business.

Like Follower’s images/videos – In order to get noticed, it is a Social Media Marketer’s job to like at least 20-30 Followers with comments. This will increase the visibility of your profile.

Location – By adding the Location of your post, you enhance your online presence of your business to your brand. So when people are going through the images based on the location, they will come across see your products/services and this is your chance to gain new customers.

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