How to Promote your Business using Digital Marketing?

Generating new inquiries and increasing sales is not possible unless you promote your business. Every business must have marketing and business promotion strategy to attract new customer.

Digital marketing is the most effective way to promote your business and get new customers. You can use digital marketing for lead generation, brand promotion, promotion of products etc.

Digital marketing is combination of various marketing techniques used to communicate with target audience on digital platform.

If you search on internet about how to promote business using digital marketing or various digital marketing techniques for business promotion you will get hundreds of ideas.

Here I have made a list of few most effective ideas for promoting business using digital marketing.

Let’s start

Optimize your website for digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about using digital channels and all digital channels take your audience to your website.

Having a website is important but having digital marketing ready website is most important to get best results.

Often people ignore their website and start using Facebook and Twitter for business promotion and they fail to get new customers.

Depending on your business, you can make our website digital marketing ready. 

When I say digital marketing ready website, I mean it should be SEO friendly, must have forms to capture inquiries, must have lead capture tools, must have Google Analytics code installed, if you are using Facebook Ads, you can install Facebook pixel code.

Creating digital marketing friendly website is not easy, if you are new to digital marketing world and not having ideas as how to optimize your website for digital marketing you can take help of professionals who are experienced and qualified.

Remember – Website is an investment, not an expense. Don’t ignore this ever. 

Search Engine Optimization

You can use SEO to get benefit of free traffic. SEO means optimizing your website for search engines to attract visitors on your website using specific search queries.

SEO is one of the most popular way to get traffic and target audience on your website. SEO allows you to get your website on first page of Google.

Some people feel SEO is expensive, time consuming and waste of money. Well, that depends on your business and who is doing SEO for you. Not all businesses can benefit from SEO, If you are very small and your customers don’t search about your products and services in Google then SEO will not help you.

If you are into e-commerce, travel and tour, health and fitness, business coaching, executive coaching, garment, fashion and such business, then you can get benefit from SEO.


Optimize Social Media Channels (SMO)

Optimizing your brand name or a Website on Social Media channels is to increase awareness of your business or products using social media. Social Media Marketing optimization (or social media optimization) provides your company with an additional online presence and increases an engagement with potential customers.

Use Email Marketing Tool

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful tool to use when you go with Digital Marketing. Email Marketing is an easy, effective, and inexpensive. This is believed to be a very personal way of reaching your target customers.

For small-business owners on a limited budget, this makes it a better choice than traditional marketing channels.

Use Google Analytics

This is the free tool provided by Google. After implementing all of the above, you need to track how your business is progressing. If you are not using Google Analytics to track and measure that how your website is performing after using SEO, SMO, Email Marketing, etc.

For example :
See the below images from Google Analytics, you can track how your website is getting a response from all the channels you used.



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