Common mistake people make in Google AdWords

Managing AdWords is not very difficult but when you forget basics or you start creating campaigns just by reading some tutorials online, you may start making expensive mistakes which will not only cause you loss of money but will also reduce quality score of your account and you may start spending more than your competition.

Here are few most common AdWords mistakes people make and how to avoid such mistakes.

1. Not having specific Landing Page


Those who are not experienced, they will simply start AdWords without knowing the importance of Landing Page. If you are a service related business, specific landing pages can make you more leads.

2. Not using Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords are keywords which will bring irrelevant clicks to your Landing Page and ultimately you will be spending a lot and losing opportunities on important keywords.

3. Not using targeted Locations


If you are only able to provide your service in certain locations, ensure that you are choosing locations while setting up AdWords.

4. Using too many broad match Keywords

Broad match keywords may get you more clicks and impressions compared to phrase match but you they may not be very relevant and specific to your business. Before you create ads, always perform keyword research to identify right keywords and then segment them in broad, phrase, exact and negative keywords.

Too much use of Broad Match Keywords can prove to spend a lot along with clicks from irrelevant keywords. So, choose limited Broad Match keywords which bring genuine clicks.

I would recommend you to use only one of two broad match keywords at lowest possible bids and allocate more budget to your phrase match keywords.

5. Targeting only Exact Match Keywords


If you only set up your campaign using exact match, you could potentially miss out on a huge number of valuable clicks – clicks that are often at a much lower cost per click.

6. Not Segmenting Ad Groups


Good segmentation doesn’t only help to increase your quality score; it also helps you to manage your campaign much more effectively. You can adjust budgets easily in different areas and can ensure your Ad Copy reflects the sub-category more effectively.

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